Reliance is the leading IT supplier and solution provider in Zambia. We cater IT products and solutions to all the sectors. We have the largest customer base for IT products in Zambia. You can rely on Reliance for all your IT needs.
Reliance Technology Limited was established with a view to provide IT solutions to the ever demanding customers of Zambia. The Company's goal is not to simply supply 'IT Boxes' but to provide...
Reliance is the Channel partner for HP, Dell, IBM, Lenovo, APC, Cisco, Epson, Microsoft and other major IT brand names...
We provide you with Warranty Services as well as Back-up support during and after the Warranty period for all the supplied products...
Please watch out this page as often as you could for our 'stock specials' as well as latest update in IT products...
We are available for you - 365 days X 24 hours a day. All your queries will be attended to instantaneously...
HP Preferred Partner
Samsung Authorized Warranty Centre and Reseller
APC Certified Partner
Dell Registered Partner
Microsoft Authorized Reseller
Acer Authorized Warranty centre and Reseller
+ 260-211-256095

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